VIDEO: West Seattle Lights twinkling, blinking, pulsing along SW Charlestown for 9th year

Every holiday season since 2009, a humble house across from the city water tank at SW Charlestown/39th SW is transformed into a platform for West Seattle Lights – the music-synched Christmas-light show created by Jim Winder, a friend of the homeowners. This year’s show launched on Thanksgiving night; we stopped by on Night 2 tonight for a bit of video – a short clip above, longer clip below:

Those two songs are WSL classics, but the show has added new ones this year too. The season-long schedule is here; you can watch while standing along the street, though the music is relatively quiet, so if you want to turn it up, you can tune your vehicle or personal radio to 101.9 FM for the soundtrack. The show has nonprofit beneficiaries, including the West Seattle Food Bank, with a bin out front for nonperishable-food donations, which totaled a third of a ton last year; you also can donate cash – all of which goes to the nonprofits, none to the show itself – via this page on the WSL website, which shares space with info about Maple Valley Lights, the show Winder added in his own neighborhood.

P.S. Wonder how many lights in all? The answer is here (with other “fun facts”).

West Seattle Lights is of course featured in the WSB WS Holiday Guide, along with other light shows, and if you have or see other notable decoration displays, please let us know – thank you!

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