Iain-Paul Hutton, 39, worked on the project for two weeks

Whether you’ve bought a shirt, hung up a flag or booked the day off work for crucial matches, most of us are doing something to mark the European Championship.

But one football-mad construction worker spent more than 60 hours creating a life-size human table football pitch in his back garden to celebrate Euro 2016

Football fan Iain-Paul Hutton, 39, made a fully laid-out artificial pitch with timber walls and foam patches on six scaffolding bars so 12 eager players can play real-life table football.

It is even enclosed in a stadium Iain-Paul made from scaffolding with international flags surrounding the pitch, which is four metres wide and nine metres long.

After spending nearly two weeks making the life-size human table pitch he unveiled it to impressed family and friends at a party for England’s Euro 2016 clash against Wales this week – which England won 2 – 1.

Next to the stadium at his home in Portchester, near Fareham, Hampshire, is a marquee complete with a 55-inch widescreen television to show the football on.

Also in his garden is a mini-bar and a bouncy castle.

The father-of-two said his family and friends had a great time using his creation, which is big enough for six-a-side games.



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