Jon Venables Attacked With Boiling Water In Fight With Inmate

Jon Venables Attacked With Boiling Water In Fight With Inmate GettyImages 1328539Getty

Convicted murder Jon Venables has been attacked after going back to prison for the second time, this time it resulted in him getting boiling water poured over him by an inmate.

Venables who is back in prison after being found with indecent/paedophilic images of underage children on his computer is believed to have been attacked after his identity was sussed out.

The attack is believed to be in retaliation for his part in in the murder of two-year-old James Bulger back in 1993, along with accomplice Robert Thompson. Both were considered minors at the time of the horrific murder of the toddler.

According to The Daily Star Venables had ‘scalding hot water’ thrown at him following a heated dispute with the prisoner who discovered his secret identity, forcing prison officers to step in and ‘de-escalate the situation’. Britain’s youngest convicted murder now fears he’s a ‘marked man’, blaming the prison officers for failing to do ‘nothing at first’ and not doing enough after the attack.

An unnamed source told The Daily Star:

They’ll end up getting him. It’s just a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Jon Venables Attacked With Boiling Water In Fight With Inmate Jon Venables Robert Thompson FBGetty

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice, who are responsible for making sure Venables identity remains a secret, told the newspaper that ‘incidents [like this] happen all the time in prison’.

Venables was sentenced to prison for 40 months are being found guilty of in being possession of 1170 indecent images of ‘vulnerable’ children, some of whom were babies. While this is his second conviction this will not have an effect on his anonymity which was given to him after the murder of James Bulger.

However, his identity has been compromised with updated images of the child-killer being passed amongst a network of prison inmates across the UK.

The source went on to tell The Daily Star that:

Every single person knows that he’s there. They’ve got a price on him. It’s not safe for him.

Jon Venables Attacked With Boiling Water In Fight With Inmate JamesBulgerGetty

Since the breach of his new identity last year the Attorney General’s office released a statement saying anyone breaching the anonymity of either Venables or Thompson, could face prosecution.

Despite the horrific murder of James Bulger, an inmate who did time with him at a youth detention/rehabilitation facility revealed how Venables never felt any remorse for his role in it. Robert Heap revealed how Venables would be subjected to attacks from himself and other inmates who could not stand his boasting about Bulger’s murder.

Jon Venables Attacked With Boiling Water In Fight With Inmate BulgerStone PAPA

Despite this, he said Venables was still given preferential treatment by the staff.

James Bulger’s father believes Venables second time going to prison, considering the nature of the offence, should wave the right to his anonymity as he has failed to be rehabrehabilitatedhe justice system.

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