John Venables Attacked After ‘Bragging’ About James Bulger Murder

John Venables Attacked After Bragging About James Bulger Murder GettyImages 1328539Getty

A former inmate who was serving time alongside James Bulger’s murderer Jon Venables revealed how he attacked him after bragging about his crime.

James Heap recalls how Venables used to brag to the other inmates at the Red Bank secure unit on Merseyside about killing two-year-old James Bulger.

According to Heap, Venables described the murder of Bulger, which shocked the entire nation back in 1993, as if he was ‘going to the shop’.

John Venables Attacked After Bragging About James Bulger Murder JamesBulgerGetty

Speaking to The Mirror Heap claimed:

The look on ­Venables’ face as he laughed about the murder will stay with me forever. He’s got this mad face when he grins, the most evil little face you’ve ever seen.

That was enough for me – I didn’t want to hear any more of that. It made me want to kill him.

Posted by James Heap on Saturday, 12 August 2017

It was in that moment that Heap punched Britain’s youngest convicted murderer in the face. The revelation comes after it was revealed that Venables has been sent back to prison for a second time last week after he was caught with paedophilic images.

Heap has now added his voice to the growing number of the British public, led by James’ father Ralph Bulger, to demand the High Court release the identity of Venables.

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