James Bulger Murderer Jon Venables’ Secret Identity ‘Leaked’

James Bulger Murderer Jon Venables’ Secret Identity ‘Leaked GettyImages 1328539 1048x700Getty

The secret identity of James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables has been ‘leaked’ by a group of prison inmates.

Venables, who is currently serving a 40-month sentence for possession of child abuse images, was given a new undisclosed identity following his murder of two-year-old Bulger in 1993.

However, a group of prisoners have got a hold of recent photos of the paedophile as well as details of which jail he is being held in and his new name.

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According to The Mirror, those responsible want to leak the photos and information to ‘expose’ the child killer labelling him ‘a dirty nonce’.

But if they do, the group could face two years in prison for breaching a lifelong anonymity order granted to both Venables and Robert Thompson who were aged 10 when they tortured Bulger to death after abducting him in Bootle, Merseyside.

The Attorney General’s office said:

We have received complaints the anonymity has been breached. An investigation is ongoing.

If the leak happens, it is feared harm could come to the now 35-year-old Venables or innocent people who are mistakenly identified as him.

James Bulger Murderer Jon Venables’ Secret Identity ‘Leaked GettyImages 1328541 1048x700Getty

Earlier this month it was reported an inmate poured boiling hot water over Venables after figuring out his identity.

According to The Daily Star, Venables had ‘scalding hot water’ thrown at him following a heated dispute with the prisoner forcing prison officers to step in and ‘de-escalate the situation’.

Britain’s youngest convicted murderer now fears he’s a ‘marked man’, blaming the prison officers for failing to do ‘nothing at first’ and not doing enough after the attack.

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A spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice – who are responsible for making sure Venables’ identity remains a secret – told the newspaper how ‘incidents [like this] happen all the time in prison’.

An unnamed source told The Daily Star:

They’ll end up getting him. It’s just a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Every single person knows he’s there. They’ve got a price on him. It’s not safe for him.

This attack came after Bulger’s father Ralph spoke about he believes Venables’ identity should be revealed in an interview on ITV‘s Good Morning Britain (February 12).

You can watch it here:

He also said unequivocally, Venables should be kept under surveillance 24/7 to ensure no risk to the public.

He continued:

Personally I’d like to see him kept away from the public so he can’t do anything to another child.

You’ve got to keep on top of this person because he’s just waiting to do something in my eyes.

It is currently believed Venables has been given a total of up to four new identities with each one costing £250,000.

Overall it is alleged he has cost the justice system £5 million.

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