Jake Paul Announces Floyd Mayweather Will Train Him For KSI Fight

Jake Paul Announces Floyd Mayweather Will Train Him For KSI Fight Jake Paul WTJake Paul/YouTube

For those who can’t wait to see Jake Paul getting punched in the head by KSI in their TBC fight, the American YouTuber has unleashed a secret weapon in the form of Floyd Mayweather as his trainer and manager.

The digital playgrounds of YouTube and Twitter have been splattered recently with pre-fight hype from the two online stars of late, and by the looks of it Paul seems to have taken KSI’s result against YouTuber Joe Weller seriously by bringing the 50-0 champ into his training room staff.

In a video posted on February 17, Jake introduces his new recruit with all the giggling only a cringey millennial YouTuber can muster.

Mayweather said:

It could be a boxing match, it could be an MMA fight, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a fight.

I got your back, I’m a train you, I’m a work with you, I’m gonna help you with certain skills you need to know. You gotta bob and weave. Use that weave. I got you.

I’m his manager, I’m his trainer. You know when it comes to the fight game, support him.

After KSI despatched Weller in the ring at the Copper Box Arena in Hackney on February 3 a minute and a half into the third round by TKO, Paul’s going to need to heed Mayweather’s advice.

Jake Paul Announces Floyd Mayweather Will Train Him For KSI Fight ksi webKSI/YouTube

And with KSI having 18 million subscribers to Jake Paul’s 13 million, there should be a decent audience out there to watch the two smash it out.

KSI’s fight with Weller in February attracted 12 million views on YouTube and now with ‘Money’ Mayweather and the possibility of bringing MMA into the mix plenty will be tuning in whenever the fight gets around to be scheduled.

In response to Jake Paul’s introduction of Mayweather, KSI tweeted:

Gets Floyd as his trainer, and still wants MMA? Smh, get the f*ck outta here…

With no news as yet from Mayweather about the potential rematch with McGregor inside the Octagon for a mixed martial arts fight, Paul might have to break some more bank should the KSI fight take an MMA-shaped turn.

Either way, I’ll be tuning in and I’m not even into boxing. Just wanna see some gloves get thrown in that smug face.

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