Drug Dealer Who Hasn’t Pooed In 34 Days Breaks New Record

Drug Dealer Who Hasnt Pooed In 34 Days Breaks New Record PA 1401098PA

Good God, a suspected drug dealer has broken a British record by refusing to back one out for over a MONTH.

Lamarr Chambers has defied the odds of mother nature for five weeks now after Essex Police arrested and detained him on alleged drug dealing offences.

According to reports, the longest an inmate has gone without using the toilet is 23 days, so Chambers has broken the British record by 11 days so far.

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Police officers believe he concealed drugs before his arrest and so they’ve been waiting for him to finally go to the bathroom in order to officially charge him. The force even started the hashtag #PooWatch to keep the public updated on the situation.

There’s an actual timeline of this guy’s resistance to pooping.

It’s gone as follows:

Male is still refusing to pass objects, still doesn’t believe police have this power to hold him until he produces, male has been charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs x2 and on way to court for a 7 day lay down application

Later on:

Chelmsford magistrates court have issued a 190 hour detention warrant for the male to pass the items concealed, if they are not passed during that time we will apply for more time #comeon #delayingtheinevitable.

Jan 19: 

Male has now been in police custody for the past 50hrs and will remain until he passes said items, he has refused food for all this time and will not accept that he will not be released until he releases #howlongcanyougo #mustbehungry

Jan 20:

Still no news, another day passes without any movement.

Jan 22:

Male is still with us and has just passed 120hours/5days without going to the toilet.

Another 24 hours has passed and still no movement, 144hrs/6days so far.

Jan 24:

Amazingly a further 24hours has past, suspect has now been with us for an entire week and not been to the toilet once! back to court tomorrow to request further detention until item/’s are recovered #comeon.

Jan 25:

We now enter day 9 of our detention of the male arrested for possession with intent to supply, @cpsuk representative made a very good point their summary to the magistrates “the one person preventing this from being resulted is the defendant himself” another 8 days authorised

 Jan 26: Day 10 of poo watch has commenced, Male still refusing to go to the toilet.
Jan 27: We have now entered day 11 and he still refuses to go to the [toilet]. #poowatch #opraptor.
Jan 28: No comment

Jan 29: We are now just over 288 hours with our man awaiting for him to go to the toilet or consent to a doctor removing said items #wewontgiveup #opraptor #poowatch

Jeeez, this guy won’t let up.

He’s now gone a whopping 34 days, which – despite the nature of his offence and where you stand on criminal justice yada yada yada – is something I believe should be rewarded.

Maybe not rewarded but you know what I mean!

What do you think?

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